I’m always very sentimental about the holidays.  My fondest memories are waking up my brother on Christmas morning so we could sneak a look at our stockings before my parents woke up.  The warm fuzzy feelings also come to me when I look at my Sweet Charity Bangle that I made for the Boys and Girls Aid in Portland, Oregon.  My  brother and I were both adopted from there and are so blessed to have such wonderful parents who provided us with the most amazing family. For 126 years, the Boys and Girls Aid has been helping Oregon’s children. They find children permanent homes through adoption and provide temporary safe places to stay through shelters and foster homes.

I was adopted from the Boys and Girls’ Aid and two years later we adopted my brother.  Allan.  My earliest memory is walking down this long hallway holding both my parents’ hands and thinking, “So this is where babies come from!”  When the state of Oregon opened their adoption records they sent both my brother and I non-identifying descriptions of our birth parents.  What they never told us was that my brother and I actually shared the same birth mother!  I learned this when I was 37 and Allan was 35.  When I found out, it didn’t change anything about our relationship as we have always been very close, but I thought, “if I ever need a kidney, I’ll know who to call first.”  I was also lucky enough to tell this at the TED conference in 2009.  And it’s still my favorite story to tell which is why the Sweet Charity bracelet to so near and dear to my heart.


20% of the price of each Sweet Charity Bangle goes directly to the Boys and Girls Aid.  The bangles come in 18k gold, with or without diamonds, and sterling silver and available for immediate delivery.


For more information about the Boys and Girls Aid, visit