Forget the 401k, gold is the new hedge against an unpredictable future.  Interest rates are skyrocketing, home values depreciating.  What is one to do?  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal many private investors are putting their money in gold.  That’s about as technical and investment savvy as I get. What that article said to me was “buy jewelry”.

Personally, my current inventory of jewelry pieces, which I started designing when gold was a mere $630 an ounce, two years ago, has more than doubled in value. While a lot of my friends find fun in fashion jewelry,  more of them are cashing in old gold jewelry that they no longer wear and buying new, classic statement pieces.  Gold hoops, gold bangles, rings that will stand the test of trend and time.  Diamonds and semi-precious stones are also playing a big role in statement jewelry.  So instead of throwing money at jewelry that will only be around for a season, I’m buying more gold and making more jewelry.  What are you doing with your old jewelry?