3 Jewelry PIeces for Active Lifestyles

When I design pieces in my collections, I always think about practical options for those with active lifestyles- whether rushing from meeting to meeting or spending time in a studio class or on the tennis court.  Here are three of my top pieces that truly work from day to night for those with active lifestyles...

(1) Origin Mesh Bracelet

I love wearing this bracelet when I am playing tennis.  It lies flat against the wrist and doesn't shake around in a distracting way.  Also great for those who need to be on a computer all day for work-- the gold doesn't bang against a keyboard when you type.  One of my all time favorites!

(2) Bloom Small Earrings

Instead of plain pearl or diamond studs, what about a pair of delicate flowers to grace your earlobes while on the run during the day?  These unobtrusive earrings are great for stud lovers who want to change up their everyday look.  

(3) Halo Water Buffalo Stack Rings with and without Diamonds

One of the newest pieces in my Halo Collection- these Water Buffalo Stack Rings are so light and comfortable to wear.  I recommend stacking them with and without diamonds for a little variety.  They mix well with gold pieces, too.  Love the versatility of these rings.