My Daily Jewelry Wardrobe

Just as there are certain staples in your wardrobe that you turn to time and time again, there are staples in my jewelry wardrobe that I treasure and wear daily.  In addition to my beautiful engagement ring and wedding ring, I wear the following pieces from my collections on a regular basis...

(1) Origin Large Pendant

This substantial 18 karat gold pendant on a brown cord elevates a tee shirt and jean combo and adds a little extra texture to my sundresses in the summer... 

(2) Halo Hoop Water Buffalo Horn Earrings with Diamonds

My new daily go-to earrings are these light, easy and refreshingly affordable water buffalo horn earrings studded with champagne diamonds

(3) Origin Mesh Three Link Bracelet

This bold bracelet is another signature piece in my jewelry wardrobe.  When I am running to a meeting but I want to make a statement, I wear this piece.  It gets a lot of compliments and is so comfortable to wear!

(4) Halo Thin Bangle with Diamonds

A stack of Halo Thin Bangles with Diamonds completes any outfit for me... They have been part of my signature look!  I recommend wearing some with diamonds and some without...