5 Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner and we're dreaming about the following five pieces from Sandy Leong Jewelry... 

(1) Origin Single Link Bracelet

 Simplicity of style can sometimes be profound with this small, ethereal bracelet.

(2) Halo Small Ring

This unique ring features a small circle motif. A circle goes on forever.

(3) Origin Tiny Signature Dewdrop Earrings


Wispy and alluring dewdrop earrings shimmer in sunlight.

(4) Bloom "LOVES ME" Medium Necklace

This unique, feminine necklace features a medium flower and a floating petal with pavé diamonds.

(5) Commitment Thin Ring with Champagne Diamond

Inspired by the strength of a tree and the energy source represented by wood, this Commitment Ring with a champagne diamond represents enduring love.