Introducing Bloom

I am proud to introduce my newest collection, Bloom.  This collection consists of necklaces, rings, earrings and a beautiful headband crafted in my signature 18-karat gold.  Read on to learn more behind the making of Bloom...

Everyone remembers their first crush. Mine was Michael in the second grade. And Donny Osmond was my first celebrity crush. I remember finding flowers along the way to school and leaving a trail of strewn petals in my wake by plucking them one by one while saying, "loves me, loves me not." I had a smile on my face the whole time I was carving the first daisy in the Bloom collection, because I kept thinking back to what a sweet, innocent time that was.

The first piece I designed for this collection was the Small Bloom ring.  I usually start with rings in a new collection because I can always see it by trying it on during the whole process. Earrings and necklaces come next in the process.

The Bloom Collection is inspired by the innocence of childhood and first loves as well as the beauty of flowers.  I love taking pictures of flowers on my phone, especially really close up.  There is so much beauty and inspiration in nature and flowers are just so pretty, feminine and timeless. They just make me so happy.  Bonus: My husband always sends me flowers. He loves me! 


Behind the Piece: Luminous Martini Rings

I have always been inspired by the color and creativity of cocktails. My Luminous Martini Rings are a tribute to their look. The Martini Ring (shown left) cups the stone like a martini glass and the Martini Twist Ring (shown right) is similar in that it cups the stone, but I cut away at the setting to showcase the really spiraling cut of the stone. I have had people tell me it looks like an airplane turbine engine. If you look at the stone and the setting, it looks like an extension of the stone, and showcases the cool cut while not overwhelming it. And martinis are just cool, sophisticated drinks!