Rain Collection

The Fall/Winter 2015 RAIN collection was designed in partnership with world-renowned diamond mine RIO TINTO, and their Diamonds with a Story initiative. Once a year, four fine jewelry designers are chosen to create a beautiful selection of individually inspired pieces that house unique, ethically sourced diamonds from their Argyle mine. With a focus on sustainability in design and business practice, Sandy Leong was naturally elected to tell her story, highlighting the importance of tracing diamonds- and other materials- back to their origins.

The fundamental inspiration for RAIN began with Sandy’s fascination with the natural movement and shape of raindrops. Whether experienced as a powerful collective in a storm, or individually as transparent beads reflecting a sliver of the sun, rain has a profound and mesmerizing effect. Intricate dewdrop shapes can similarly be experienced in the RAIN collection, whether minimal in bezel stack rings, or impressive and layered in chandelier earrings and bib necklaces.

Each delicate droplet in the RAIN collection is thoughtfully sculpted in 18 karat recycled gold, and houses ethically sourced brown diamonds with traceable origins.

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