Sandy Leong believes creativity and expression are empowering for both the artist and the observer.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Sandy was inspired early on by the mountains in Portland, the wild life in Alaska and the rocky coastline of San Francisco. Sandy spent eleven years traveling the globe as a flight attendant and exploring the world as an artist. During that time, she experimented with photography, drawing, sculpture and painting. After moving to Manhattan, Sandy began taking jewelry-making classes at the 92nd Street Y. Fascinated by this new art form, she continued classes at the Jewelry Arts Institute in Manhattan to perfect her technique. What started out as a journey of self-expression evolved into creating jewelry for friends, then friends of friends, and a new career was born. Since 2009, Sandy Leong’s feminine, organic and tactile designs have been handcrafted in America with 18-karat gold. Her effortlessly elegant jewelry has graced the pages of magazines like Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, O Magazine, InStyle, Glamour and others. Her work as a jewelry designer is about the power of self-expression, as well as being a positive influence on people, resulting in beautiful, inspired pieces.